Carnatic Music Academy in Adyar

About Us

Svayamprakasa Arts - Carnatic Music Academy

Svayamprakasa Arts, was founded in 2018, as an Institution for Indian performing arts.

Svayamprakasa offers unique music learning experience for both beginners and aspirants in Vocal & Instrumental.

Its structured curriculum and classes, along with in-depth pedagogy and artistic guidance, will foster a multitude of talents that provides principal support to arts and culture.


What Makes Us Difference

Our Values

We believe everyone is capable of learning to sing or to play an instrument. Our goal at Svayamprakasa is to understand our students and modify our way of teaching that fits their learning style, which is why we will always offer a free trial lesson. If more than one trial is needed, we are more than happy to accommodate

Our Approach

It’s simple: Let people understand what they are learning and let them explore in different ways. Our approach has always been built around the best possible experience for our students so they actually want to learn music and develop a passion for learning.