Mridangam classes in adyar


Mridangam Classes in Adyar

The Mridangam is one of the most popular and main percussion instrument in Carnatic Music, and is used to accompany vocalists as well as an accompaniment for Bharatnatyam and other forms of Indian music.

Through our Mridangam lessons, students will learn all the fundamentals, from sitting with the proper posture and finger techniques, to developing strong creative and performing skills from our highly-qualified teachers. Our knowledgeable teachers are also able to tailor their lesson plans and teaching according to each and every Mridangam student’s needs, based on various pedagogical techniques.

Aside from being certified professionals, our teachers are experienced performers who are incredibly talented and will be able to guide students of all ages. For the optimum learning experience, students are often tested on their learning.

What’s more – students are able to learn how to accompany for Songs and Thani Avarthanam in different talams!

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